Street Photography in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

Documentary Photographs of Hong Kong

Hong Kong I flew to Hong Kong in late November of 2019. I was only in Hong Kong for two days before a driver picked me up and drove me to Shenzhen. Hong Kong was going through a difficult time as students were rioting in protest to China’s authority, and I had no idea what …

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Documentary Photography of the Belgrade Fortress in Serbia

Photographs Underground the Belgrade Fortress

The Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia The Fortress in Belgrade has sat on land that has been occupied by military forces since roughly 49 CE. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian I rebuilt it around 535 CE. We got to shoot in the The Fortress in Belgrade has sat on land that military forces have occupied since roughly 49 ad. …

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Street Photography Glassell Park Fair

Documentary Photographs Urban Los Angeles

Glassell Park These are documentary photographs of a street fair in Glassell Park taken in November 2010. These photographs were taken in the early morning. Glassell Park was going through a very violent period during this time. I moved into my current studio space a year earlier. I have always been able to navigate rough …

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Street Photography of the Rosslyn Hotel Rooftop Los Angeles

Documentary Photographs Rosslyn Hotel

The Rooftop of the Rosslyn Hotel I had always wanted to photograph the rooftop of the Rosslyn Hotel. My office at the time was located in the Spring Arts Tower a few blocks away. I had access to the roof at the Springs Arts Tower. I  would often shoot photographs from the roof until I was …

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