Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of cameras and equipment do I use for my photography? 

I most often shoot digitally with a Sony A7 Rii. I usually use one of two lenses, a Zeiss Batis 22 mm F2.0 and a Sony Planar FE 50mm F1.4 ZA. I also shoot specific photos and black and white on either slide or negative film with a Nikon F3. I usually use Kodak TMAX400 or Velvia100. In the ’90s, I bought my first real camera, a Nikon F3. I had had early Nikon 

Who are the photographers that you admire the most? 

The three photographers who inspired and influenced me the most are Candida Höfer, Bernd and Hilla Becher, and Robert Capa. I am counting the Bechers as a unit. I read the Robert Capa biography in the 80s when it came out. I was 16 or so, working in a bookstore on Sunset and Fairfax at the time. I had never heard of Capa and had only heard of the most famous photographers like Man Ray, and Kertesz. So many of the thoughts and feelings from reading this biography stay with me that it is hard to qualify. His imagery coupled with his life story during a time in history has been a constant inspiration. In architecture school, I was introduced to the Bechers by the late Eric Kahn, one of the most influential people in my life on how I think. We were studying topologies as an architectural construct. Candida Höfer I discovered myself in my early 30s. I was doing some research when I came across the book on libraries that she documented. I immediately fell in love. Though I have no real desire to be as diligent as her, I do feel that we are after the same thing. To catch a place in a moment in time is the essence of that place. Preferably, no people.

Why do you take pictures of the same place?

One of the thoughts I had when I decided that I wanted to create a long-term philosophy towards how I would take pictures, was to look at the same places over long periods. I knew that the way I would most likely have to live my life, the stoic diligence of someone like Candida Höfer was probably not going to be very realistic. Also, most likely I would be limited to some kind of easily holdable camera. In conclusion, I decided that my typological study would be in Los Angeles and that I wanted to document the area around the Los Angeles River. That I would do this over my lifetime. Since making this decision I have also added in other projects that are different but have the same general sense of structure. I do love taking travel pictures, street shooting, and taking pictures of people but I separate that work.

What is your philosophy regarding taking photos?

I try to capture an image as I see it and do very little developing other than to adjust in the same way that I could with an actual enlarger in a darkroom. I almost always shoot with a UV filter and a circular polarizer. I never use Photoshop in my photography and the idea of painting to repair, fix, or alter is not an option. I have a few older photographs that I only have color prints of, such as the panoramic shots of the Salton Sea from the early 90s. In particular cases such as this, I have repaired any damage that may have existed. When I do repair damaged photographs, I attempt to keep them as pure as they possibly can. I only shoot primes and generally loathe zoom lenses. 

Do you sell your photographs?

I am not currently selling any photographs but plan to in the future.