Street Photography in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

Documentary Photographs of Hong Kong

Hong Kong I flew to Hong Kong in late November of 2019. I was only in Hong Kong for two days before a driver picked me up and drove me to Shenzhen. Hong Kong was going through a difficult time as students were rioting in protest to China’s authority, and I had no idea what …

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Street Photography of the Rosslyn Hotel Rooftop Los Angeles

Documentary Photographs Rosslyn Hotel

The Rooftop of the Rosslyn Hotel I had always wanted to photograph the rooftop of the Rosslyn Hotel. My office at the time was located in the Spring Arts Tower a few blocks away. I had access to the roof at the Springs Arts Tower. I  would often shoot photographs from the roof until I was …

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Street Photography LA River

Documentary Photographs of the LA River

I first began documenting the Los Angeles River with photography in the late 1990s. My fascination with the LA River began as an architectural student in the early 90s when I attended Sci-Arc. I worked in the library and saw a xerox printed pamphlet on concepts for reviving the river. I lived downtown at the …

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